And this is one of the guys “we” are supporting

It’s not as if we didn’t know that when you warm up a stew that the scum comes to the top.

OK, the “Arab Spring” was a surprise but we managed to get through the summer pretty quickly and had it back under control by autumn.

Libya was a great success – the biggest cost was the hotel for the bomber crews in Italy – but it was a late booking.

Syria has been a qualified success and would have been sewn-up by now had Cameron not screwed it up in the House of Commons. Miliband was amazed that he had somehow managed to avert the humanitarian bombing we had planned in support of the human heart eating zealots. (more scum)

I like the style of Vicky Nuland, our American cousin, who was dishing biscuits out to the protesters in the Kiev square one minute then proclaiming that the EU should be “fucked,” when they seemed a bit reluctant to get up to speed with sanctions against Russia.

It looks like Billy “fourteen pints” Hague is coming into his own again. With him fronting our response it will give them Ruskies a false sense of security

Helping your friends Osborne comes through for his friends.


I’ve decided I’m rubbish at trying to explain my point of view.

I opined that our government had gifted millions of pounds to their friends and backers. The lady who was my interlocutor was cross that I hadn’t told her that she could have bid for £700 worth of shared and she would have made a 40% profit within a week.

When I told her that the outfit the Chancellor’s best man works for made £18 million, she replied, “Good for him – I wish I had.”

“But the difference between what the Government flogged it off for and what it’s worth is almost a £1 billion,” said I. “That was gifted to their friends and backers in the City. They’ve stolen that from the people.”

“Only you think that. Did you know I could have applied for £700 worth of shares? Enquired she.

“Fancy, I could have had £400 if it wasn’t for your principles.”

As my mother used to say throughout my teenage years, “Where did I go wrong? Where DID I go wrong.?

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Perhaps the promotion of UKIP and the endless anti EU propaganda is simply the mood-music and prelude to the birth of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Type “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” and as of today you’ll get 669K hits the whole thing is corrupt and a stitch-up. The end result is that the treaty will put the interests of big business above the interests of the people. OK, nothing new there you may think but the scale and scope of what’s planned is truly awesome.

Wall Street’s Friend

OK, I know I said I didn’t want to be an Obama bore but this move was so predictable and widely predicted.

The President Offers to Cut Social Security and Republicans Agree


“The Republican leadership is already salivating over the President’s proposed Social Security cut. They’ve been wanting to cut Social Security for years.  “

Check out he link here


Eat the Poor

Where’s Jonathan Swift when you need him?

You have to worry when all the main political parties in the UK feel threatened by a tiny party with, as yet, no members of parliament that they become terrified of being seen as soft on “scrounger,” immigrants or the poor in general.

The Labour Party strategists must be getting excited by the polls, or maybe just the Poles, that indicate that the core-labour voters believe that it’s immigrants and welfare scrounger that are responsible for the problems in the health, housing and education rather than underfunding. Why wouldn’t they think this way when they have a circular campaign between the right-wing press and the broadcasters telling them little else for the last ten years or more?

From April there’ll be plenty of people who discover that they are amongst those the Express, Daily Mail and Telegraph consider to be a burden on the striving hard-working families that pay their taxes.

Since the New Labour crowd  were instrumental in starting many of the processes that have led to our economic demise, I’m not sure that the Labour Party will find the courage to put the blame for our current economic ills where it belongs – with the City. I live in hope.

Feel free to copy/adapt the posters

The Romanians The Poor


A man of the people – the rich people

OK, I really don’t want to be an Obama bore and keep batting on about what a smooth fixer for Wall Street that Obama is but the link below to an extract from Billionaires & Ballot Bandits is pretty good. (My youngest son met Greg Palast in London a while ago)

“A parade of media reports this week name Penny Pritzker as Obama’s prime choice for Secretary of Commerce. No longer will criminal bankers have to lobby the administration – because now they’ll have one of their own in the Cabinet.” Greg Palast

It’s difficult not to be cynical or sceptical when you read this stuff – I’d go for sceptical, cynicism destroys your soul.

If you buy the book in the UK you could try and pick it up from your local bookshop they get a cut (not much but it assuages the guilt and you haven’t used Amazon)



We have UKIP on the rise, off a campaign by the right wing press, whose owners have their tax affairs based off shore, to get the UK out of “Europe.” And it turns out that we’ve been becoming more continental all along. At least the poor people have.

It seems horse-meat has been the staple diet of poor people in the UK for quite a while. As a connoisseur of a variety of frozen foods from the “whoopsed” section of our local supermarkets I can confirm that it’s not bad.

OK, I know that I haven’t been eating horse meat as such but rather horse meat slurry which is the stuff that explodes off the horse bones when they’re submitted to high pressure, then frozen in 50 Kg blocks and added to the “beef,” in the lasagne and shepherd’s pies that are sold in all our popular supermarkets.

At first the info’ that was leached out was that although the horse meat originated in France it was actually  from British horses that were sent over there for processing.  So although it couldn’t claim the Red Tractor symbol at least I could be semi-patriotic when tucking in knowing that only weeks before my, five min on 800wt, tea was only weeks before competing in a local gymkhana. Now we’re being told that the horses were from Romania. Where’s Nigel Farage when you need him?

My niece is in the PR biz and I’ll need to have a word since they’re getting the PR all wrong. Essentially what the current arguments boil down to is that British consumers have the right and expectation to an assurance when they eat these products that the god-awful pink slurry they contain has been blasted from the bones of old cows and not old horses.They need to refocus and try to swing it to horse-meat being, The Food of Champions,  restrict it to Subway and charge a premium.

No wonder my vegetarian friends are looking very smug right now.

I think we’ve still a couple of these in the freezer and since they were pretty tasty last week I can’t believe they’ll taste any different this week – I’m off for a treat.

The Boys are Back in Town – They never left

“Failure of Epic Proportions”: Treasury Nominee Jack Lew’s Pro-Bank, Austerity, Deregulation Legacy

I’ve posted this link from Democracy Now because it captures the whole nonsense of it all where the Right wing media have half of the folks in USA thinking that Obama is a secret Communist rather than Wall Street’s guy.
To be honest I’ve never quite got my head around the utility, to the Right, of portraying Clinton and Obama as somehow extreme lefties when they were just different jockeys riding Wall Street’s horse in whatever direction the horses owner desired.
Please post if you can hazard a guess at the answer.

Jimmy Savile Winterbourne and Croesus

Sheesh, there’s something of Lord of the Flies,when Britain gets into its stride and does the moral outrage thing.

The way it’s morphed into an attack on the BBC is intriguing, from newspapers whose crack reporters could tell you the colour of a drunken pop-star’s knickers and yet for thirty years couldn’t discover that a pretty weird guy was groping his way through generations of pubescent girls. But that’s another angle.

The other big story in the news this week has been the jailing of the “care workers,” exposed by the BBC (not a great deal of emphasis on that from the press) who were systematically torturing the vulnerable people in their care. The state was paying private sector providers a quarter of a million pounds a year to have them tortured; (the shareholders in that company, Lydian Capital Partners, (last king of Lydia – Croesus – gedit?) are amongst the richest men in Ireland, have, as far as I can tell, not been asked to give the money back) but that’s yet another angle.

All the torturers and Jimmy S. likewise would have passed the CRB check with flying colours. But in the coming quest for tightening checks on those working with children and vulnerable adults  what will be missed will be that to get away with torturing and murdering people with learning difficulties, trade unionists, gypsies, homosexuals, Jews and people of colour it has to be called it something other than torture or murder.

I don’t believe that all the nurses who told the children to be in bed and pretend to be asleep when Jimmy was doing his rounds were collusive or turning a blind eye to child abuse or that people working with this man at the BBC decided that child abuse was OK because it was 1971. No, they couldn’t do that and sleep at night – they simply redefined it as something else. “A bit of fun,” would cover it for those at the BBC and the Winterbourne View care home because a) it wasn’t happening to them or theirs and b) because the perpetrator was someone who was in fact quite popular.

Good old Mr. Smith was, to the kid in your class who was the butt of his jokes all the way through school, an incredible shit. To everyone else he was a good laugh. How did Mr. Smith react when you stood up and said, “Hey Mr. Smith, you’ve no right to go round making a vulnerable kid’s life a misery?”

What? You didn’t say that; you didn’t stand up to such torture? You laughed along with everyone else? Exactly.

OK, you justified it. How? By turning it into something other than bullying. You joined the majority.

Perhaps if the fear of standing out wasn’t almost universal then neither Jimmy S. nor the torturers of Bristol wouldn’t have prospered.